Learn to Thrive

Morning Journal



A guided journal created by Mindset Coach Janel Briggs, for those seeking a natural way to relieve anxiety and stress through the power of writing.

This journal offers a simple 10 min daily mindfulness practice for shifting negative thoughts of worry, fear and self-doubt to help you rebuild confidence and empower your mind.


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Janel's Anxiety Relief Journal is perfect for:

  • Reducing daily stress 

  • Improving work-life balance 

  • Learning to live in the present 

  • Calming worry thoughts 

  • Being kinder to yourself 

  • Feeling positive and  more confident every single day! 

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Start your day with more calm & positivity

You begin with 5-10mins of journal writing daily with easy to follow prompts

Start every day with gratitude, compassion, intention setting & positive affirmations

Watch your mindset shift negative thoughts as your confidence and self-belief THRIVES!

A step-by-step guide to beginning your day with... 



Why is  mindfulness so beneficial for calming anxiety and reducing your daily stress?
  1. Studies show that focusing the mind on daily gratitude shifts you towards an abundance mindset
  2. Reframing negative thoughts with positive language and affirmations increases confidence and self-belief
  3. Learning to be more present by sitting in stillness journalling your thoughts gives anxiety less opportunity to trigger!


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HEY, I'm so happy you're here.

I want to share a powerful secret with you ...
Morning journalling changed my life in 2017. I went from waking up every with dread for the day ahead, to embracing and finding good in every day - within a matter of weeks!
I realised that from the moment my eyes opened I was reacting and responding to everyone else, giving out all my energy, without every ever filling my cup!
This one simple habit of starting my day with journalling created more calm, groundedness, and positivity in my life. I could not believe how a small change could make such a significant difference on my anxiety!
After I became a Mindset Coach in 2018 I wanted to use the same exact method to help women naturally calm and relieve anxiety.
      Learn to Thrive was born!


Your morning journal comes with more than the pages you see here! With every purchase receive:

  • 6 x Mindset Coaching micro-learning lessons delivered to your inbox monthly
  • Short video coaching on various topics related to reducing anxiety and stress, creating lasting habit change, etc.
  • Extra BONUS worth @ $249!

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You're worth it.

Looking after your mental well-being is something I see too many women drop to the bottom of their priority list. 

If you want your anxiety to change then mindset needs to be a priority of your own self-care. Imagine how different life would be if you spoke kinder to yourself, focused on the good in your life and stopped listening to your fears? 


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