The Complete Guide to Anxiety Relief 

Empowering women to rise above fear and thrive.  

In ‘Becoming Fearless’ Mindset Coach Janel Briggs explores the origins of women's anxiety through a coaching and neuroscience persepctive. Discover the basics, why we have anxiety and where it comes from, learning about 8 common fears and worry triggers. 

And then there's more! Janel shares over 12 natural anxiety-relief methods! You'll find reflective questions, links to meditations, mindfulness and breathing exercises to enhance your journey. This is your complete guide conquering anxiety!


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Say goodbye to restless nights, racing thoughts, and that never-ending cycle of worry.

Becoming Fearless not only comes with in-depth insights, practical techniques and real life success stories, you’ll also find reflective questions, exact coaching processes for shifting your mindset, and links to meditations, breathing exercises and resources to help you with each of the in-depth chapters.

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What readers are saying:

"Becoming Fearless opened my eyes to the root cause of anxiety and the ways it can surface in day to day life. I particularly love Janel’s personal shares, and have tagged and highlighted so many tips and tools which I am already turning back to refer to! I know this will become a well-worn resource for me. I cannot wait to share Janel’s book with at least 3 women in my life who I know will get as much from this as I have." - Emma

Is this you?

  • You've been dealing with the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety for some time
  • You're tired of listening to the endless worry and what IF's loops
  • You battle feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You've struggled with self-doubt and confidence
  • Your mind is always racing, making it difficult to concentrate 
  • You would love to know HOW to be more present and comfortable in new situations and social interactions!

Natural Anxiety Relief... incoming!


🧠 Understand what anxiety is:

Explore the profound connection between your mind and body. Understand how it fuels the anxiety you feel from a neuroscience and coaching perspective.

🛡️ Get to know potential reasons why you experience anxiety (and other people don't):

Gain the knowledge you need to recognise your unique triggers and tackle anxiety at its root. This is not a band-aid surface level approach to anxiety relief!

🚀 Learn how to stop your anxiety from triggering:

Learn how to transform your thoughts, language and mindset to release fear and doubt; stopping anxiety in its tracks!

🌈 Explore how to master your mindset:

Create a mindset that empowers you to live life on your own terms, without anxiety holding you back any longer!

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You're anxiety doesn't have to DEFINE YOU.


By recognising how you feel, and acting upon those feelings straight away to remove the worry and fear, it halts anxiety from coming, is what gives you back the control.

This is exactly what I teach in my Becoming Fearless eBook & Anxiety Relief Collection. Through the power of mindset, and re-wiring how we think, anything is possible

About the Author.

Janel Briggs is a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and TimeLine Therapy®, an NLP Clinical Coach and Meditation Facilitator.

After years of battling her own anxiety, Janel discovered the power of Mindset Coaching, finding profound relief and freedom from the fears and limiting beliefs she carried.

Inspired by this total life transformation Janel chose to become a coach and Thrive Mindset Coaching was born with the sole purpose of sharing this invaluable gift of a “calm mindset” with others.

Since 2018 Janel has been on a mission is to support women across the world in becoming fearless and anxiety-free. 

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